New Science of the Heart

The heart contributes to the transformation of the world.

Keynote Speakers at the Sustainability Summit 2015

The Sustainability Summit held September 11 and 12th at Marygrove College had three keynote speakers. YouTube videos of their presentations are provided here.

Professor Peter Hammer

The Impact of Beliefs and Conditioning on Society

Dr Fredrick Pearson

Conflict Resolution Versus Peace

Dr Alicia Renee Farris

The Beloved Community

The Wage Love Poem at AMC2015

The Opening ceremony for the Allied Media Conference offered the stage for sharing. (Reposting of content from AMC2015)

AMC2015 Opening - photo by Ara Howrani
AMC2015 Opening – photo by Ara Howrani

The opening ceremony featured a sonic performance art piece by Diné artist, Ryan Dennison, live video projection by VJ Calixta and sounds by DJ Izla. Detroit poet, mother, and activist, Tawana Petty, welcomed people to Detroit and then representatives of all 30 AMC Tracks, Practice Spaces, and Network gatherings performed a collective poem around the theme of “waging love,” as a tribute to the late Detroit activist, Charity Hicks. Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors gave the keynote speech, which grew into an epic on-stage dance party and celebration of Black life. Brinae Ali and Destination Forever, a Flint, Michigan based dance crew, closed out the night with an electric, black-lit tap performance. This brilliant array of media, art, and technology offered a vision of the world we’re working towards, together.

Full length version of Opening Ceremony by Philly CAM


by coordinators of AMC2015 tracks, practice spaces, and network gatherings

We Wage Love For…

those we love still who have left their body; spirits; charity; sheddy; victor; shelley; simba; all the folks killed by the state

for the underprivileged—for the estranged, and the unrequited

for all the femmes hurt and killed by patriarchal and state violence. for all the baby femmes who are smart, creative, and full of life

all LGBTQTS youth, especially Indigenous, Black and youth of color, who are on the front lines of resistance to the police and state violence every day

for youth who are targeted by oppression, shame, and injustice, anyone who is pushed aside, silenced, and forgotten

for those who have created the worlds for the young to destroy the vision of struggling in vain

for our folks who couldn’t go to school and shouldn’t have to because we share what we know

for those whose stories are being rearranged and legacies erased; for Detroit, New Orleans, Dallas, Miami, DC, Seattle and beyond

for the women and girls not welcome on hip hop stages; We wage love on Hip Hop because hate is too heavy a burden to bear

for those whose bodies are constantly at war. May we heal and ever be resilient. May we make real peace with our bodies

for all black lives across the entire globe

for all of our children. for them to know a Detroit with access to water, land, food & justice. for them to know, together, we are the greatest power

for future generations, honoring & AMPlifying the voices, histories & songs of our ancestors & those among us who are too often silenced

for ancestors buried in our genes; future generations skeptically hopeful; our neighbors who speak a different language; but whose bodies break just the same

for those that need us; for the lucid dreamers and movement weavers; for the revolutionaries past, future, and in between us

for the dreamers, thinkers, and tinkerers who understand that learning, sharing, and preserving community knowledge are radical acts

for a world in which all our stories are heard, appreciated, celebrated and combined to design the place where our communities breathe, live, and love

for a world where we share our technology with strangers

for a world where communication is a human right

for ourselves, so that we love more of who we are; for each other, to find our power, uplift our power, and share our power; for a new system of collective healing

for social justice movements that are built upon all of our complicated ass experiences

for transformation that goes beyond transaction and resource sharing that transcends fundraising: all in the name of justice, liberation and healing

for the collective liberation and growth of all communities across generations

for the soul and the spirit, for other bodies and minds we are connected to; for the Earth and the Sun, which have always loved us

for our communities survival, sustainability, and our existence in the places we call home, and for those that come before us and after us

for ever & ever

We Wage Love By…

listening deeply, taking good care of each other and moving with deep gratitude and transformative joy

by listening, deeply, to one another’s stories of resistance & resilience. by not being afraid of the silence

by honoring and centering femmes in the face of erasure. by encouraging creativity and self-expression in femme spirits

by empowering young LGBT leaders of today – making for a better World tomorrow

by centering parents, kids, caregivers, and families of all kinds as we work to create a nonviolent world

by amplifying the voices of the unheard, creating spaces to tell our stories, and exploring the ways that sound, music, and media intersect with community, creativity and identity-formation

by loving ourselves unconditionally throughout the mind and body

by confronting what’s difficult within our communities and within ourselves

by uniting our strengths, stories, and communities to advance racial and economic equity through media rights, access, and fair representation

by sharing ‘Know Your Rights’ information and working with our communities in creating safety strategies that keep us out of prisons and state custody

by healing, which is a revolutionary act; by dismantling and redesigning the systems that teach us to hurt each other and hate ourselves from the inside out

by dreaming awake. building the future and transforming states. tearing down prisons and reclaiming lakes

by grounding imagination as a tool for strategic visionary transformation and connecting translocal organizing brilliance

by loving and celebrating the abundance and the inherent beauty in our bodies with validation, resistance, and liberation

by investing in our collective liberation and sustainability, sharing resources, caring for one another, and dismantling capitalism

by creating the world that fosters the strong backs of the love wagers

by recognizing imbalance as an invitation to heal; realizing healing is our birthright; healing together or not healing at all

by planting seeds in gardens that sprout communities, grow relationships and harvest sovereignty

We Wage Love With…

broadcast media tools, sharing authentic community expressions

with radical research that honors the systems of knowledge that exist already in ourselves and our communities

with rituals; loving through loss; holding hard & finding joy; unlearning processes that teach us not to heal; living through the hard/heart

We Wage Love When We….

dismantle the ivory tower and transform our relationship to the academy

take control of technology from corporations & governments and put that control in the hands of our neighbors & communities

respond to the needs of the people, helping access and create knowledge that empowers communities

when we find new ways for our movements to connect and grow together

when we destroy doubt and aim love from within so it radiates out

when we rise up like dandelions

Videos by Prince Ea: translation & commentary

Do you believe that we will ever have an outer revolution…a sustainable shift into oneness, without an inner revolution?

The question is how do we have an inner (world changing) r(e)volution that extends outward into all of society?

How do we fix Ferguson is the question? We fix Ferguson in the same way we fix Afghanistan, Gaza, Palestine, Chicago and that is to stop. We have to stop and be open to the possibility that we have been brainwashed within every single level of our lives, brainwashed with conditioned thoughts(beliefs), thoughts we have been killed over, died over, gotten angry over, sad and depressed over. We are so loyal to these thoughts, but we have to question them because they were created by the culture that we were born in. This culture taught us that race was real. It taught us that war and violence creates peace. It taught us that love is weakness and we believed it. We ate it up. Open any history book and you will notice a trend in generation after generation, the same story, over and over again. We have tried everything from politics to protests to rallies to riots. None of it works. These things create short term results, not lasting solutions.

Voicing ourselves through protests and demonstrations has made progress…the key messages are killed and died for as a means of progress. Look at how long it has taken and at what cost…and we still as a collective hold these separated thoughts/beliefs. Although we indeed honor those who have lead the way with social injustice progress, it is our responsibility to expand consciously, just as we would hope all those who come after us will continue the evolutionary process at the highest conscious level. After all this time we are still killing each other. How do we move into something new, that can offer a united humanity, from a different level of consciousness?

Just because our parents or grandparents believed something does not mean we have to continue that cycle. This is our time, our town right now. Millions have come before us and millions will come after us. We have a real chance right now to make a real difference or we can die doing the same thing of what we have been doing and expecting different results.

To me it is…what have we not done?

Everybody is worried about change this and change that…what is on the outside. We have forgotten a lot that which is looking outside, which is changing ourselves.

Inner transformation will lead to outer ransformation. Let us revolutionize Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change we want to see in the world.” The first and perhaps the most direct way of doing this is asking ourselves…How do we contribute to the very behavior of mass culture separation in which we seek to change?

Who are you is the question? Who are you at the deepest sense?

I am not talking about your race, ethnicity, heritage, religion, ancestry. I am not even talking about your experience or your memories. I am talking about who are you in the deepest sense.

Because there will never be external peace if there is not internal peace.

Once you (we) figure that out I promise you the entire world will transform, will change and as more and more people find themselves

(Living their true identity and expanding this resonant field of Being Peace) MANKIND has the opportunity to transform into KINDMAN.

Does this sound like the next evolutionary movement and perhaps the ONLY means for creating peace on earth…the Beloved Community…we need to Be it  and Live it…and support each other in the transformational process of  Growing the Soul.

Jesus once said, “forgive them for they know not what they do.” Think about that, they know not what they do because they know not who they are.

A lot of people will not understand the words that I am saying. They just won’t hear it. Some people will find this to be negative. But for the few of you who are watching this I urge you to try and find out who you are…who you are inside your body. What have you got to loose?

Watch for Translation & Commentary

This is the next video by Prince Ea to be discussed.

Imagine Living In Peace

Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one


John Lennon was asking us to imagine a place where things that divide people (religion, possessions, etc) did not exist. He felt that it would be a much better place. This song is a strong political message that is sugarcoated in a beautiful melody. He realized that the softer approach would bring the song to a wider audience, who hopefully would listen to his message. In short, the messages of this song are that we should keep on optimistic to the peace and create the world as a better place to live.


Some words of the “Imagine” have original symbols. What does John actually want to convey to us? The first one is “heaven and hell” symbolize “the hereafter world”. When he persuades us, the listeners, to imagine that all the people are only living for today, so that there is no the hereafter world for living. The second one is “country” symbolizes “a border”. Border lines of countries has limited people to share, help, and get along each other. In some cases, it has also become a reason of a war. “Possessions” which symbolizes ‘wealth’ and ‘religion’ symbolize ‘exclusivism’ are other obstacles that keep the people apart is their inability to keep everyone equal, and with this inability comes a long line of problems between the haves and the have-nots. However, if we are somehow able to cut our possessions and our greed, we could create a universal sense of brotherhood in humankind. With this obstacle out of the way, we are able to share the world as equal.


John tries to create a provocative atmosphere to listeners. He invites us to do in his thought provoking song, imagine. From this word, the human imagination can create some of the most horrible atrocities, but it has also conjured up some of the most beautiful hopes and dreams. Lennon asks us to imagine the world as a better place and we can actually make that comes true.

Time and Place Setting

This very meaningful song was brought about during one of the most turbulent times in our history, the Vietnam Conflict (around 1954-1975). The United States was fighting a war that wasn’t its own, and consequently it was leaving hundreds of thousands of dead innocents in its wake. John Lennon wanted very much for peace to be found abroad and also hear at home, so gave us a set of logical steps to fix the world. Each verse of this song is actually one of those logical steps.


  1. This song relies some elegant sentences. Each of the three verses begins “Imagine” and answers with empathetic comment. And each verse is more challenging than the one before. So, we have:
    • Imagine there’s no Heaven – It’s easy if you try
    • Imagine there’s no countries- It isn’t hard to do
    • Imagine there’s no possessions – I wonder if you can
  2. Thus, there can be nothing greater than Heaven. But, John saw that it is easy if you try to imagine it away. So, if the countries is much lesser that Heaven, yet much harder to get rid of, though, to an open mind, not so hard to do. Finally, possession – as petty as we can get, but John realized that most of us could not imagine a world with no possessions – I wonder if you can. This shows his excellent writing.
  3. This crescendo of challenges that forms the opening of each verse is answered by a similar set of three imaginings to close each verse. This time we have:
    • Imagine all the people…
      Living for today
      Sharing all the world
      Living life in peace
  4. These are also fascinating:
    • In context, living for today is not an apology for Hedonism. It is not ‘living for the moment’ in a selfish way. It is in fact very much as echo of the Sermon on the Mount.
    • Then, sharing all the world is not about dividing out the spoils. It is simply as opening of borders, a geographical sharing, the consequence of imagining no countries.
    • And in verse 3, living life in peace, at first sight this could read like a mistake. Shouldn’t this have followed the ‘no countries’ opening? But no John realizes that most wars are only ostensibly about religion or territory; they are actually about possessions –gold, oil, money and the likes.

    This song stands up on every level.

  5. Now the chorus – You nay say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one here, merely to acknowledge that the listeners might not yet have considered these things, but others have. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one –only ‘I hope’, no unrealistic expectation, no instruction.
  6. The chorus is then the most important and powerful part of the song. The chorus is a message to all people who do not think that Lennon’s goals is possible. The most interesting part of this song is that Lennon plainly says that he is not the only person who has taken this message to heart. He is going to just hope that you will come to the message of yourself and make the world a better place. This approach is particularly powerful because it is practicing what the rest of the song preaches: peace and understanding.
  7. This song is, was, and always will be refreshing for at least one reason; its voice of optimism and hope for mankind. The world should be filled with ‘people’, not Blacks, Whites Whites, Russians, Italians, Christians, Jews, not even Moslems or Buddhists; just people. This song is an example of what can be as people, and what can actually accomplish if we try. It seems that this song is close to communism. Lennon said this song is “virtually the Communist manifesto”. That’s usually the last we see of the quote, but Lennon added “even though I am not particularly a communist and I do not belong to any movement”. (


This song is about a great expectation of someone toward peacefulness in the world. The last stanza of the song develops the theme further;

“I hope someday you’ll join us – And the world will live as one”

Analyzed by M. Samsuli and Mohammad As’ad on SparkleTeaching

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