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Sustainability Summit United Nations International Day of Peace

Emerging the Beloved Community of Detroit

Modeling the United Nations celebration of International Day of Peace, including a consciousness raising march and a three day summit. The UN celebration recognizes peace is integral for raising consciousness of human rights and social justice in communities and around the world. The issues of Detroit are globally recognized human rights issues. Detroit holds the potential to dialogue, envision and be a voice/platform for all of the world to hear – a fulcrum for a shift of paradigm. The Sustainability Summit aims to cocreate through vision, conscious dialogue and solutionary actions that alters our paradigm from surviving to prosperous collective interdependent sustainability.


When and Where

The summit location is Marygrove College, 8425 McNichols, Detroit MI 48221, on the SE corner at Wyoming. The event will be held September 10 – 12, the weekend prior to International Day of Peace celebrated globally on September 21stContinue reading Sustainability Summit United Nations International Day of Peace

Presentations for Sustainability Summit

Update: Proposals for Presenting are no longer being accepted.

The Planning Council for the Sustainability Summit is seeking Presentation Proposals from the community. There are three groups of presentations being sought fitting the flow of the Summit.

Sustainability Summit Wordle2

Fill out the Presentation Proposal Form to join those interested in presenting.

Vision for Living the Beloved Community

Multi-media presentations: Opening Ceremony ~ depicting current social construct vs living the new earth. Indigenous Universal laws. Universal Declaration of human rights. Morning media presentation integrated with speakers, poets, visual arts ~ Showcasing evolutionary models in Detroit, those who hold visions for models to be implemented and giving voice to models around the world that could be implemented in Detroit.

Bridging the Gap between Current Culture and a New Collaborative Culture

Community Open Forum Dialogue for sharing and writing a document that voices the values and beliefs of the current culture vs. the Beloved Community. Speakers/Poets and community voicing both. Peter Hammer speaking on beliefs and conditioning. The impact beliefs and conditioning have on our lives, our relationships, our systems and how they keep us in a culture of separation. Part One of Public call with Peter Hammer and David Korten for building the new Earth. Continue reading Presentations for Sustainability Summit

WCCC Workshop: Moving from Upset or Anger

Join a group of over 200 women Saturday July 25, 2015.
Naveed Syed and State Representative Albeta Tinsley-Talabi are hosting A Women’s Empowerment Conference
A focus is on substance abuse, however everyone is welcome.
These out door events feature: Free continental breakfast, outdoor BBQ, a smorgasbord of international cuisines, fresh raw juices, vendors, photo booths,face paintings, live music and DJ,raffles, door prizes and much more.
The first session at 10:00 am will be facilitated by Cass Charrette and Carrie Landrum of Women Creating Caring Communities.

Topic: Moving from Upset/Anger

What are your patterns when you get triggered?
How do you respond?
A deeper look at our feelings and needs.
Forgiveness and healing

After lunch there will be several breakout sessions to chose from starting at 2:00
July 25, 2015 from 8:30am – 4:30pm
Quality Behavioral Health
51 E. Grand Blvd.
Detroit, Michigan 48207
Sponsored by Wayne County Metal Health Authority

WCCC Monthly Forum of Workshops

Have you ever wondered how to gain perspective on the world and discover yourself and community more fully? Cities of Peace Detroit is working with Women Creating Caring Communities on a consciousness and healing journey .

Our events will be centered in healing, purpose and transformation. We will come together in a caring nurturing environment to support, inspire and empower each other for living our full potential.

Our dreams are meant to be spoken and manifested. The dreams you desire to live are what your Soul is communicating to you. Your Soul longs for your desired dreams to be realized. This is a space for our dreams to be expressed and supported.

Continue reading WCCC Monthly Forum of Workshops

WCCC Monthly Forum of Healing Workshops

Have you ever wondered how to gain perspective on the world and discover yourself and community more fully? Cities of Peace Detroit is working with Women Creating Caring Communities on a consciousness and healing journey . Continue reading WCCC Monthly Forum of Healing Workshops

WCCC Workshop Series – Healing, Purpose, Empowerment: Living Our Full Capacities

The first session of the Women Creating Caring Communities workshop series for 2015 will be held Saturday, April 25 from 10am-12:30pm. The location will be Church of the Messiah, 231 East Grand Blvd, Detroit (near Belle Isle).

We will learn together

  • An effective healing process for integrating our emotional and psychological wounds. This healing process offers a guided method for transforming painful, repressed, stuck energy and simultaneously expanding consciousness for living from our true nature – the Essence of our Being.
  • The Three Levels of Consciousness Integration, including many transformational tools & practices for healing and consciously evolving.
  • Mindfulness, meditation, empathy, emotional intelligence and more.

We will engage in interactive group / partner exercises offering measurable results.

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