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Videos by Prince Ea: translation & commentary

Do you believe that we will ever have an outer revolution…a sustainable shift into oneness, without an inner revolution?

The question is how do we have an inner (world changing) r(e)volution that extends outward into all of society?

How do we fix Ferguson is the question? We fix Ferguson in the same way we fix Afghanistan, Gaza, Palestine, Chicago and that is to stop. We have to stop and be open to the possibility that we have been brainwashed within every single level of our lives, brainwashed with conditioned thoughts(beliefs), thoughts we have been killed over, died over, gotten angry over, sad and depressed over. We are so loyal to these thoughts, but we have to question them because they were created by the culture that we were born in. This culture taught us that race was real. It taught us that war and violence creates peace. It taught us that love is weakness and we believed it. We ate it up. Open any history book and you will notice a trend in generation after generation, the same story, over and over again. We have tried everything from politics to protests to rallies to riots. None of it works. These things create short term results, not lasting solutions.

Voicing ourselves through protests and demonstrations has made progress…the key messages are killed and died for as a means of progress. Look at how long it has taken and at what cost…and we still as a collective hold these separated thoughts/beliefs. Although we indeed honor those who have lead the way with social injustice progress, it is our responsibility to expand consciously, just as we would hope all those who come after us will continue the evolutionary process at the highest conscious level. After all this time we are still killing each other. How do we move into something new, that can offer a united humanity, from a different level of consciousness?

Just because our parents or grandparents believed something does not mean we have to continue that cycle. This is our time, our town right now. Millions have come before us and millions will come after us. We have a real chance right now to make a real difference or we can die doing the same thing of what we have been doing and expecting different results.

To me it is…what have we not done?

Everybody is worried about change this and change that…what is on the outside. We have forgotten a lot that which is looking outside, which is changing ourselves.

Inner transformation will lead to outer ransformation. Let us revolutionize Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change we want to see in the world.” The first and perhaps the most direct way of doing this is asking ourselves…How do we contribute to the very behavior of mass culture separation in which we seek to change?

Who are you is the question? Who are you at the deepest sense?

I am not talking about your race, ethnicity, heritage, religion, ancestry. I am not even talking about your experience or your memories. I am talking about who are you in the deepest sense.

Because there will never be external peace if there is not internal peace.

Once you (we) figure that out I promise you the entire world will transform, will change and as more and more people find themselves

(Living their true identity and expanding this resonant field of Being Peace) MANKIND has the opportunity to transform into KINDMAN.

Does this sound like the next evolutionary movement and perhaps the ONLY means for creating peace on earth…the Beloved Community…we need to Be it  and Live it…and support each other in the transformational process of  Growing the Soul.

Jesus once said, “forgive them for they know not what they do.” Think about that, they know not what they do because they know not who they are.

A lot of people will not understand the words that I am saying. They just won’t hear it. Some people will find this to be negative. But for the few of you who are watching this I urge you to try and find out who you are…who you are inside your body. What have you got to loose?

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