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Tonight: Getting To Consciousness Raising Walk in Detroit

We are thrilled to see what tonight will hold as we start the Sustainability Summit Detroit 2015 with a Consciousness Raising Walk. The walk will start from six points a half-hour walk from Grand Circus Park, our destination. There may be some parking considerations worth planning for in advance.


Registration for the Sustainability Summit
will remain open throughout the summit.
Register for the weekend event
happening at Marygrove College.

What To Bring

Represent who you are, what your issues and concerns are, and your intentions for continued evolution of the Beloved Community.

  • Organization banners
  • Signs with your message – these can be on a stick held up, or even a cloth patch pinned to clothing.
  • A candle for the vigil as sunset moves to night
  • Water and perhaps a snack
  • Cameras

Starting Locations

The actions we take to manifest our intention require sharing and presence to begin.

We gather at 5:30pm (or sooner) bringing gear together for the walk.  We raise awareness through realizing our localized issues are interdependent when we converge,   Continue reading Tonight: Getting To Consciousness Raising Walk in Detroit

Map: Consciousness Raising Walk opening Sustainability Summit

Sites and paths for the Conscioussness Raising Walk opening the Sustainability Summit on Thurssday evening, September 10, 2015

The Consciousness Raising Walk will open the Sustainability Summit beginning from six locations close to downtown Detroit.

Our walk together in localized gatherings merging together at Grand Circus Park will be visual and symbolic. Each of our neighborhoods has factors affecting its sustainability, issues of today and the past influence our community greatly. Continue reading Map: Consciousness Raising Walk opening Sustainability Summit