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A Shared Vision for Humanity

We Envision

These truths are made self-evident: 

All People Are Created Equal

  • etheyeOur children are born into belief systems, values and conditioning from their elders for living the essential truths of unity, interconnected as one humanity, living in accordance that we are all created equal.

True equality is at the heart of our knowing that the least among us are endowed with the ability to live a fulfilled life.

Government Is Of and For The People

  • When the resources needed for a fulfilling life are made available and accessible to all the people, then we will have a government of and for the people.

A true government of and for the people enables  all people to be recognized, to have education, healthy food, clean water, safe shelter, sick find care, and mobility both physically and economically. Communities operating close to purpose understand how to enable all to have what is needed to live cooperatively. Cooperative communities understand how to delegate the responsible use of resources from The Commons. A judicial and legal system ensuring compliance allows all people to get a fair and just trial; it insists on processes that hold truth and justice at its core.


Equality In Democracy

  • When all people can be heard as equals, whether in agreement or dissent then we begin to have an open dialog for true  democracy.

A true democracy establishes communal conversation with all voices heard discussing needs, resources, and developmental processes. Working together to assess community needs and implementing effective communal solutions. As a representative in government or community there is assumed responsibility that includes due diligence and comprehending the decisions made affect the lives of many. Embracing transparency and open collaboration with all people is required by representatives.  It is a high priority to value people over goods and services and without this understanding we are not serve all people. Rather, our systems create division, separation, categorization, and ultimately oppression.

We hold a vision…

that someday we will live in a world

Where we will no longer need to fight for social justice and human rights.

…Where we will no longer need our voices heard in mass protests that speak of the injustices of the world created by separation thinking. Rather, communal consciousness values all people. The removal and displacement of people from cities will not be a unconscionable thought, nor in terms of profit gained.

…Where we will no longer need to be involved in a struggle for all people to have access to resources that are essential for human life, such as water, health care, shelter and food.

We hold a Vision that these honorable fights, raising our voices and struggles will be a thing of the past only to be told in our history books…

for we hold a vision that caring for one another as a collective and living unity consciousness principles within all of society will be prevalent in our government and communities as a new global meme.

We not only have the courage to voice what needs to be heard and transformed, we have the courage to envision a whole new world.

Let us take the steps for transformation as a community to become a reality at the deepest level. Allowing our passion for social change to merge voice and contemporary skills for taking the leap into cocreating, from the Essence of our Being, a new way of life.

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