Peace Ambassador Training 2016



Building the Beloved Community in Detroit

Take a journey in discovering new perspectives, new alternatives and new approaches for building a culture that reflects the vision we hold.

Peace Ambassador Training

Join us as we gather together to build the Beloved Community. The Peace Ambassador Training is a foundational first step for integration of the latest conscious principles, healing personally and collectively, organizing at a deeper quantitative level and learning from evolutionary leaders and models designed to effectively implement systems change at a communal level.

Communal engagement invites a shift of consciousness and expanded community building of a magnitude which can not be achieved through individual learning.

The course offers an extensive overview of whole-person / whole-system approach to consciousness. We will experience together a profound personal and communal conscious interplay of awareness, engagement and actions on a scalable capacity from self to the greater community/whole.

A Whole New World

Bringing the new cultural vision into reality requires the willingness to develop a whole new mind-set, skill set and heart set.

As a community we are offered the opportunity to learn a new set of conscious peacebuilding tools for addressing government, violence, economic strife and more as we engage in transformational change.

We will:

  • Recognize our own core consciousness, realizing our full potential.
  • Support each other in the transformational process.
  • Build capacities to collaborate and cocreate on a greater scale.
  • Open up to new realms of integral consciousness for forward evolutionary movement.
  • Expand our role as leaders and support others as leaders, while building a network, inviting more to serve in offering their unique purpose and gifts.

Who is Invited

Community activists and organizations; all faiths/congregations; peace organizations; students; all sectors/fields/functions, educators on all levels, businesses, social and justice organizations, health care professionals, healers, psychologists, counselors, social workers, judges, police, government, city policy makers, media, economists, environmentalist, artists, philanthropists, agriculture, science, and students of life.

 A Brief Description of the Course

The 12 week training moves through four pillars for building a culture of peace from inner to outer transformation.

This course designed to offer evolutionary wisdom for how to heal the roots of violence, oppression and racial divide from a whole perspective of inner to outer…co-creating as community a new social culture of peace.

At the heart of humanity we desire to resolve our differences in peace. Yet as individuals and at the community level, we as a whole, are not skilled at such necessary practices…and we are not skilled at training people with such tools for effective communication, dialogue and peaceful resolve.

This training moves us through a journey consisting of four pillars that offers wisdom, programs and resources for building peaceful relations in our lives, within community and organizing for systemic transformation. Leading the sessions are evolutionary leaders who are committed to creating a world without violence and building a new culture of revolutionary living.

The Four Pillars of Peacebuilding:

  1. Deep personal peace
  2. Healing personal and collective wounds
  3. Communicating peace
  4. Mastering systems change and organizing for peace

Weekly Class Sessions

  • Each session is conducted through a moderated webcast / telephone forum
  • The course sessions are audio recorded for review at a later time
  • Transcripts of each class session in PDF form
  • Upon completion you will receive certification as a Peace Ambassador
  • Sessions of the course are structured as:
    • 90 minutes of class time
    • 30 minutes (or longer) of breakout group discussion. The group or any participants of the group have the option to continue the conversation as long as they choose.

Each week the breakout sessions will vary in the structure of those participating. Sometimes your group will be Detroit participants only, other times Detroit will be partnered with participants from Oakland California; and other times the Detroit community will be co-mingling with global participants.

Detroit & Oakland

As we move into the vision of building a beloved community in Detroit, we can share our experiences with cities around the world. Oakland California is also participating in the Peace Ambassador Training on a communal level. There will be opportunities for sharing concepts and experiences.

A Conscious Movement For Detroit

The core principals of conscious peacebuilding learned together as a community offers new ground for:

  • realization of an inner revolution that co-creates an outward revolution,
  • healing ourselves, generational wounds, and lines of division
  • planning more effectively
  • learning new levels of conscious communication
  • affecting systems change through greater capacities of interconnective organizing
  • recognizing all contributions through open democracy and an interconnective network
  • holding sacred united intentions together
  • and more

A full description of the course can be seen in the scrolling window below.

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