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Invocation For Humanity

James O'Dea
James O’Dea

You were born for such a time as this. I ask you to look at your world….and face this moment in time consciously and with all the discernment and clarity within your power, with intellect, with heart, with Spiritual intelligence. Decipher the hour, the moment, in this evolutionary time that calls you to be a witness. Indeed you are called…otherwise you wouldn’t be here now in this defining epic of earth’s story and in the human story itself.

I know that you must feel challenged. Heroic efforts are being raised everywhere to bear witness to ecological destruction, disease, poverty, genocide, violence and hostile aggression.

The scale of humanitarian challenges can seem overwhelming. I ask you not to be disillusioned for we know that this is the time for an awakened consciousness, a heightened focus and clarity about the nature of our challenges. There is a fundamental difference in an awakened consciousness that regards transformation on all levels, from the individual to the collective.

We know that this evolving transformation touches something very deep, something so essential that it affects both heart and mind. This transformation may be preceded and followed by steadfast effort, the summoning of will and the continuum of practice, but it has its own mystery. It can bring a subtle shift which reveals an entirely new perspective or it can bring a jolt, a flash of insight for which has the power to re-organize our lives or it can provide the impetus of a great leap of faith.

More than anything transformation requires courage. The courage to face the truth that your own being has great depth. Yes, that within you, consciousness can flow from separate little islands of thought and conditioned responses to oceanic senses of connectivity and coherence.

If you were looking for confirmation of interconntiveness and expanded human capacity, the evidence is there. If you were looking for evidence of transformative love, the evidence is there. If you were looking at the role that consciousness plays in healing, physically, psychologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, the evidence is there.

If you have decided to face the stark reality of the world as it is in the moment knowing fully that the very basis of international law and civility has been eroded, that fear, hatred and disillusionment are on the rise, that humanity is fueling bitterness, resentment and violence, then you must also have the courage to face in the midst of disillusion, dysfunctional hierarchy, dying powers, wars over beliefs and resources in the midst of systemic breakdown and the collapse of unsustainable behaviors and world views, there is something stirring that offers the possibility of personal, social and global transformation.

This stirring in consciousness imperils the understanding that once we see the damage being done to the whole, we can no longer aggressively pursue the limited self interest of the individual parts. When the parts are at war with each other then the whole suffers. This is truth in the health of an individual, as it is in a family and within society. As we now see in the earth in its entirety.

We see a new bread of economist, psychologists, scientist and spiritual activist who not only appreciate this truth they have begun to embody it in a new science of healing, a new interdependence movement that lays out the vision and practice of economic and ecological sustainability. We see that consciousness itself is an almost limitless resource of creativity and compassion.

We have begun to see that an education that starves the inner life of children, fails to nurture emotional intelligence and does not nurture the Soul. [Education such as this] simply will not serve us for the mighty task ahead. It takes courage to heal, to speak on behalf of the whole, to be a voice and its full expression for the earth and for all human life.

For our consciousness knows that peace is our inheritance and that our responsibility is to reveal our interdependence. It takes courage for science and spirituality to dialogue and illuminate new possibilities for human kind. It takes courage to reach towards a vision that turns enemies into allies and disillusionment into hope. But you were born for such a time as this.

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