Map: Consciousness Raising Walk opening Sustainability Summit

Sites and paths for the Conscioussness Raising Walk opening the Sustainability Summit on Thurssday evening, September 10, 2015

The Consciousness Raising Walk will open the Sustainability Summit beginning from six locations close to downtown Detroit.

Our walk together in localized gatherings merging together at Grand Circus Park will be visual and symbolic. Each of our neighborhoods has factors affecting its sustainability, issues of today and the past influence our community greatly.

Organizations are encouraged to bring their banner. If you have concerns with public lighting, mass transit options, crime, access to fresh food, affordability of water and energy, education for you, community spaces to gather, … – these and more are all worthy of creating a sign to visually demonstrate the issues you have. If you want to dress in an outfit to visualize concern that would work as well. This is an orderly assembly of the people to establish intentions for the Beloved Community. Activities of the Sustainability  Summit at Marygrove Friday through Sunday will bring issues, concerns, and intentions through evolutionary dialogue.

Please register online for any activity of the Summit. The last page of the form will ask which origin site you’ll be walking from on Thursday, September 10th. If you are interested in volunteering, there is a page within the registration process.


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Origin Locations

Origin Site Site for Gathering Path travels these roads*
East Rivard Plaza Atwater, Beaubien, Macomb, Broadway
North East Eastern Market – Gazebo Russell, Gratiot, Madison
North First Unitarian Universalist / Cass Commons Cass, Canfield, Woodward
North West Spirit of Hope / Spirit Farm
and Cass Park
Trumbull, Ash, Grand River, Temple, Second, Grand River, Adams
West St Peter’s Episcopal Church Michigan, 3rd, Bagley
South West Riverfront Park near Post Office W Jefferson, Fort, Washington

*The number of roads traveled can be deceptive when the walk down them is only a couple of blocks. Each path is 30 minutes as calculated by Google Maps’ step-by-step directions.

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