Presentations for Sustainability Summit

Update: Proposals for Presenting are no longer being accepted.

The Planning Council for the Sustainability Summit is seeking Presentation Proposals from the community. There are three groups of presentations being sought fitting the flow of the Summit.

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Fill out the Presentation Proposal Form to join those interested in presenting.

Vision for Living the Beloved Community

Multi-media presentations: Opening Ceremony ~ depicting current social construct vs living the new earth. Indigenous Universal laws. Universal Declaration of human rights. Morning media presentation integrated with speakers, poets, visual arts ~ Showcasing evolutionary models in Detroit, those who hold visions for models to be implemented and giving voice to models around the world that could be implemented in Detroit.

Bridging the Gap between Current Culture and a New Collaborative Culture

Community Open Forum Dialogue for sharing and writing a document that voices the values and beliefs of the current culture vs. the Beloved Community. Speakers/Poets and community voicing both. Peter Hammer speaking on beliefs and conditioning. The impact beliefs and conditioning have on our lives, our relationships, our systems and how they keep us in a culture of separation. Part One of Public call with Peter Hammer and David Korten for building the new Earth.

Community Interconnectiveness/Interdependence

Community Interconnective Open Forum Project 

The bonds of Community are interwoven, representing Individual Spirits, Purpose and Organizations.  Spoken and written intentions and commitments.

Deepening inspired culture language and skills within community

The morning and afternoon will highlight Speakers, Open Forum Dialogue, Panels and (afternoon) Workshops, some including:

  • Healing Segment
  • Growing our Souls in Honor of Grace Lee Boggs
  • Visionary Organizing
  • Evolutionary Principles
  • Beloved Community
  • Dialogue, Non Violent Communication
  • What is Democracy?

Presentation Proposal Form

Please note persons with presentation proposals that are accepted by the Planning Council will have complimentary entrance to the entire Summit and the Honorary Dinner Sunday evening.

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